Social Media Design Power!

My PhD project explores the power of design in the context of social media – I will showcase highlights here in my research portfolio, but you can find more in-depth updates (e.g. a summary of the first paper published) as well as pop and scientific resources on the project log!

The very short version is: we know a lot about the effects social media have on us as individuals and as a society, we don’t really know how this connects to specific design features yet. Because there are indications that social media impact those disproportionately who are neurodivergent or experiencing mental health issues, I plan to use participatory design techniques to examine alternative social media designs.

I will update the list of publications and content as I go:


The Shape of Social Media: Towards Addressing (Aesthetic) Design Power – K. Kender, C. Frauenberger. DIS ’22, 2022.

Tumblr is Queer and Twitter is Toxic: Speculating about the Vibe of Social Media Spaces – K. Kender. NordiCHI’22, 2022.


A short disclaimer: I usually make my conference videos more of an introduction to the paper rather than a summary of the entire thing, so don’t rely on the video to know what’s in the paper.