Social Media Design Power!

PhD Project – ONGOING

Right now, I am in the process of critically engaging with the design of social media through queer and disability justice perspectives, to fin out what more positive social media could look like.

Sex & Tech with Ekat & Kay: Object Sexualification

Installation and Film, with Ekat Osipova.

In which we render mundane everyday objects sexual using our cultural obsession with genitals. What is the sex life of objects like? How do these imaginations reflect our perceptions of the sexual?

Nuclear Protection National Parks

Found footage collection with Ekat Osipova – ONGOING

Three initially unconnected things: 1. Tourists and hikers are destroying and littering in our pristine protected nature. 2. We don’t know where to story our radioactive waste. 3. In Chernobyl, wildlife seems to be thriving.


Design Satire with Dr. Katta Spiel

Have YOU ever wondered: why can’t I stop my emotions from being influenced by the emotions of others? Well, you might be suffering from ALLISM SPECTRUM DISORDER! Uh-oh. But don’t worry: we can help!

1070 Unseen – Signals from Offstage

Award-winning team project in cooperation with Caritas Wien Heimhilfe.

Social design project bringing housebound voices from Vienna’s 7th district into conversation with visitors at the Vienna Design Week in an audio installation with a postbox.

Social Play Technologies

FWF-funded team project led by Dr. Christopher Frauenberger, in cooperation with Viennese schools.

Participatorily designing 3 digital playthings with 3 neurodiverse groups of children. One of the outcomes is a drawing station that projects onto nearby surfaces, with different filter options.